Saturday, December 20, 2008


On the twelfth day of Christmas I .................. didn't finish this box with twelve Christmas cards in it on time!!!!!! I had this idea that i would send a card out every day till Christmas but I have only just tonight finished this project and what, its more like four days till Christmas? (LOL) I saw this cute little box that I have totally cased (I don't normally like doing that) but i couldn't resist, click here even though it meant making my own template box and cards/ envelopes,
but i really like how it turned out apart from the fact its hard taking decent photos at night!!!!
This box holds fifteen christmas cards five each of blue, white and craft in between the dividers with the envelopes being stored at the back of the box.
Wouldn't this make a cool birthday present with a whole lot of pre-made cards inside?
Anyway i must be going to bed i promised myself an early night,

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Anonymous said...

Hi Amy!
I am so enjoying all that you have been sharing in the last few posts! Phew! You have been so busy! I just wish I had time to get here more often. I love blurfing (blog surfing) ... but never seem to catch up!!! :D Happy Christmas! Can't wait to see what you have in store for us in 2009!!! Stampin' Hugs, Andrea

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