Saturday, November 1, 2008


This is my first attempt at a star box, it was a little time consuming but worth it!!!
Its Saturday afternoon here and its pouring down with rain, Sean is playing with the kids playing educational games on the computer, but somehow they still want to play with mum's stamping stuff. Lachlan my 4 year old asked me what i was making, I responded with " just a star box"
"cool mum" he said "is that a box you can put twinkle little stars in?" I said "no its far to wet to go outside and collect stars, I think we will just stick with chocolate peanuts" (lol) kids are so funny aren't they!!!
I am trying my hardest to keep away from using green (lol) So i added the colours Chocolate chip and River Rock into the mix, DSP Brocade Background compliments those colours beautifully.
And of course i had to put some ribbon on it somewhere. (LOL)
This is a fantastic box to make for presents if you click HERE it will take you to some instructions on how to make the box, and to make the lid. I just made a second smaller version of the bottom and it fits perfectly on the top.
Ps If you click HERE it will take you to the link on how to make the Christmas Planner down below,


Stamping Seasons said...

Thanks for leaving project links Amy, its always nice to try something new when someone like yourself has made it look so nice.

fmfab said...

went and viewed the instructions really quickly. it looked quite complicated. good job. i suppose you'd only take the time to make it for someone that would appreciate your work.

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