Thursday, November 27, 2008


I had a really great time with the girls on tuesday night making the cute suitcase type box and 3 christmas cards ( scroll down to november classes to look at the project )
We did a lot of laughing and no one went home till 11.40 we finished the stamping around 9.40 and talked for the rest of the time :)
I made these cool packs up to keep all the pre-cut card, ribbon, instructions etc i got the idea from here but sort of changed it around to suit me (click on the photo for a better look) they looked really cool on the table and with the acetate box's right beside them.
I will be doing some more xmas themed classes in december so if you are keen send me an e-mail,
have a corker of a day,

1 comment:

fmfab said...

what a nice package to receive at a class. you must be getting so busy with everything you're making

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