Saturday, August 6, 2011


Howdy I am back again to showcase another project that I did for Stampin Fun And Friends,
We are having alot of fun and the best part about it all, is the great friends we are making from all over the world.
I have had sick kids all week and its been a huge achievement just getting all our homeschooling done, I obviously pushed them a little bit to hard yesterday because when I finished hanging out my washing this is what I found.
Boy could I get alot done having them both sleeping like babies and my other son lying on the couch!!
I had a friend ring up ( and I want mention names because you might know her LOL ) and joke that she might bring her kids around so that they could catch it and have sedated kids LOL.
Anyway it is still not to late to join up just click on the left hand side banner on my blog.
Take care,
Amy xxx



Anonymous said...

Lovely project! Your kids look so tired :)
Hope they get better soon.


Andrea L - EnchantINK said...

What a sensational idea ... such a fun project! Hope the boys are picking up now! Hugs xxaxx

Tracey Old said...

I wonder who that friend was? LOL!
Dont they just look so cute asleep! And love your cupcake project it is amazing!

Anonymous said...

What darlings they look so sick! lovely project.

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