Saturday, June 13, 2009


And here is a pic of my boys at Dawson Falls, 

Just a random shot of the mountain on the way up,

Yes I know two postings in 24 hours things must be looking up!!
Sean is watching the rugby tonight..... The All blacks vs The French and well I was bored and have been hanging out to do some more stamping.
We went up the mountain today which was awesome and took the boys for a huge 2hr tramp around Dawson Falls!!! The boys had an absolute blast and well..... I have decided I HAVE to get my fitness up to scratch, far out they were sprinting up the steep steps and  I was.....................hmmm lets say I wish I had Asthma for an excuse hehehe
Anyhow I found some energy to pull my stamps out and make a card for Kwerner's Colour Challenge!! Not totally sure how I feel about this card but thats all I could kinda muster after today's hiking:)
Well I must go tidy my mess, I hope you are all having a great night!! Click here it will take you to Kwerner's blog,


DottyJo said...

So bright and cheerful, aren't these such yummy colours! Beautiful pics of your family too!
Jo x

Anonymous said...

Lovely card, I love al the details that you do!
Jan xx

Winter said...

Cute card and some great pictures! :)

kareNstampZ said...

Absolutely fabulous - love the big distressed flowers on the branch - a great change

Karina said...


Anonymous said...

Hi Amy!
You always do such original work I like what you have made for this weeks challenge,

Holly's Stampin Ground said...

luv your card and the photos of your boys - 2 cute!!!!! thanks for linking me on Makeeshas site, i never remember how to do that, Trace normally does it for me - i am such a slacker!!!! lol, thanks - have a great week!

Kylie said...

Wow. I have just discovered your Blog and I'm just loving it. You have some fantastic ideas and gorgeous cards. Congratulations.

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